An accounting company you can rely on

Tax and financial advisory, auditing, insurance agent

Tax advisory

We offer our clients high professional level of services of tax consulting. The basic objective is to make our positions and recommendations as comprehensible and simple as possible

Audit services

We provide audit to the clients subject to the liability of audit in compliance with Act no.431/2002 Coll., following the client’s and foreign investor’s specifications

Service for investors

This includes full service for companies interested in operating in the Slovak market


What we do

About us

The company EKONAUDIT has been operating in the market since the year 1992. We provide complex services in the area of economy and enterprise consulting. Respecting legislative terms and following a logical pattern of our services we perform our activities by means of two legal subjects.

EA TAX, k.s.
tax advisor

The company has been registered in the List of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors, license no. 119/2013. Through this company, we perform accounting services and payroll agenda in form of outsourcing, economic, tax, and accounting advisory services.


We have been registered in the List of Slovak Chamber of Auditors in Bratislava, license no. 318. Through this company, we offer audit and services related to the preparation of projects on applications for state aid (investment incentives) and projects on grants of the European Union funds.

Our principles

  • to offer complex services in the area of the economy, taxes and enterprise consulting
  • to focus on the quality of our services and satisfaction of our clients
  • to provide flexible, efficient and professional solutions on the basis of mutual trust and credibility
  • to focus on advanced and innovative tools and methods of company organization and management of companies

Expand your business with us

More services

Business plan

We offer the clients elaboration of business plans in various extent and depending on their purpose

Credit services consulting

Borrowed sources are material to cover part of company investment activities or operational needs

Risk capital funds

In case the bank will not agree to finance Your business plan due to any reasons, we are ready to give You assistance with choosing and searching for alternative options of financing

Investment opportunities

We will provide You with information about investment opportunities currently available concerning real estate of various kind