Service for investors

This includes full service for companies interested in operating in the Slovak market.

We can walk the client through all initial stages of enterprise in the Slovak market and create conditions for the healthy functioning of the newly established company in an optimal period of time. The client will not have to worry about time- consuming administrative process of registering the newly established company. The time saved can thus be spent on actual development of the client´s business.

An overview of the services our client can benefit from:

The phase of considering the investment: 

  • providing an initial overview of the given region,
  • market research,
  • basic information about legislation,

Establishing a company and entering a new market:

  • handling the administrative process of establishing a new company, 
  • performance of all mandatory registrations,

Starting the enterprise: 

  • outsourcing of accounting,
  • outsourcing of payroll agenda,
  • tax consulting.