Tax advisory

We offer our clients high professional level of services of tax consulting. The basic objective is to make our positions and recommendations as comprehensible and simple as possible. At the same, we try to respond to the clients´ requests in the shortest possible period of time.

We reply to our clients on questions concerning taxes in case of need also in written form. This enables to avoid potential misunderstandings as the client can keep at his disposal document, which he can refer to at any time in the future. Our replies concerning tax issues are formulated explicitly and comprehensibly and contain no difficult formulations full of numbers and clauses. Our explanations are supported by extracts of paragraphs related to relevant act as well as by definitions given by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic or by regulations of Tax Directorate of the SR. 

The service of tax advisory includes three areas, which form one, complex and efficient service:

  • audit and outsourcing of the client´s tax obligations,
  • representing the client in contact with tax authorities and relevant governmental institutions,
  • effective application of solutions for the optimization of the client’s tax obligations within the framework of applicable legislation

Completion of tax returns

We offer complex completion and submission of a tax return in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Slovak and the Czech Republic.

Completion of tax returns primarily includes :

  • net results of deductible and non-deductible items,
  • calculation and audit of tax liabilities,
  • completion and submission of tax returns to the relevant tax authority,
  • elaborating a comprehensive report on the completion of the tax return, with an overview of all items on the tax return and relevant commentary.

VAT outsourcing

The VAT outsourcing service includes comprehensive processing and completion of monthly or quarterly VAT returns. We will always ensure that processing and completion of VAT returns comply with the national legislation of the Slovak and the Czech Republic.

With this service, we ensure that the performance of all obligations connected with VAT in the Slovak and the Czech Republic is correct, complete and evincible.

VAT outsourcing includes:

  • reviewing the legal requisites of received and issued accounting documents,
  • reviewing VAT records,
  • completion of monthly or quarterly VAT returns,
  • submission of VAT returns to the relevant tax office.

Our company offers to the clients approaches and strategies, which enable to decrease costs incurred in relation with VAT. Following our experience, we can provide also the services of global minimalization of indirect taxes –  examination of VAT within international enterprising context.

Regarding  VAT issues we also draw the client´s attention to alternatives how to decrease VAT, which has to be paid, or how to maximize possibilities of its refund. We review VAT in terms of the client´s actual practices and identify opportunities which enable saving of VAT.

Representing the client in contact with tax authorities

We represent our clients in contact with the tax office of the Slovak Republic. This means either representation during a tax inspection or in carrying out routine tax obligations. 

Communication with the tax office of the Slovak Republic is realized by our company, which means having a significant portion of time and energy to the client. Professional experience of our company ensures solutions to dispute tax issues in favor of the client and also eliminates exhausting and lengthy communication with the tax office.

International tax issues

The matter of international tax issues arises for the companies doing business in the international market a lot of questions. The company operating in the global market needs proper decisions concerning its company structure in individual countries and the distribution of its activities and assets.  Optimal structure and conception of business relations decrease effectively total tax burden of international business activities. We help our clients to identify their complex business strategies by means of the key questions concerning international tax issues. Advisory in the area of international taxation brings to the client lower tax burden and influences positively cash flow as well as company equity.

A complex solution of a permanent establishment belonging to the company based in Slovakia and operating in another country (European Union or third countries, for example, Switzerland, Ukraine)

• Consideration of a permanent establishment
• Method of accounting
• Settlement of tax obligations of a company with a permanent establishment in Slovak republic territory

Tax services associated with employees assigned for the purpose of work

Our company has experience with issues specific to the needs of taxation in case of employees assigned for the purpose of work abroad and expatriates working in the Slovak or Czech Republic. We assist with the services of tax advisory and consulting concerning social or pension security.

Our services in this field comprise:

  • saving of costs in relation to an assignment of employees,
  • residence and work permits,
  • saving of costs in relation with employment of expatriates,
  • trouble-free work permits for the client´s employees,
  • solutions for taxes, social and pension security,