Audit services

We provide audit to the clients subject to the liability of audit in compliance with Act no.431/2002 Coll., following the client’s and foreign investor’s specifications. For the needs specific to the parent’s company and for the needs we conduct an audit in compliance with the International Accounting Standards (IAS/IFRS). The subject matter of verification includes company accountancy and financial statements.

Audit of accountancy

During the whole year we :

  • analyze accounting system, methods and procedures applied in economic operations,
  • review correctness and justification concerning booking of individual accounting transactions in relation with Accountancy Act, Income Tax Act, VAT Act, and other related regulations,
  • analyze internal control system, methods, and procedures necessary to ensure due and effective business enterprising, company property security, correctness and completeness of accounting data and timely preparation of reliable accounting information.

All the year we are available and consult our client’s accounting and tax impacts of the individual economic operations.

Audit of book-closing

We carry out an audit of financial statements in accordance with the Slovak legal regulations after the lapse of the year – statutory audit of

  • commercial companies,
  • cooperative associations,
  • government-subsidized organizations,
  • accounting entities, not established for the purpose of enterprising.

We review book-closing as one unit with the emphasis on the examination of conclusive evidence of individual accounting items, checking the correctness of accounting principles, substantial estimates and pricing principles applied in its preparation by the company. We pass our judgment on company property and financial situation.

We also perform an audit of consolidated financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards.